Adult Detention Center

The adult detention center has a staff of 72 full-time positions, which include administrative and security personnel. In addition to county employees, there are 11 contract personnel in the medical, mental health, kitchen and commissary departments.

  • Housing
    • Built in 1993, the male facility was designed with 208 beds and the female facility was designed with 50 beds. Inmates are housed 9 secure housing units. Most inmates share a cell with three other inmates.
  • Population
    • The average daily female inmate population in calendar year 2012 was 42. The average daily male inmate population in calendar year 2012 was 253. Most of the inmates are pre-trial detainees. Inmates are also housed in the neighboring counties of Roosevelt, Bailey, and Parmer to help reduce over-crowding.

Juvenile Detention Center

The juvenile detention center has a staff of 16 full-time security positions. The medical and mental health needs are provided by the medical department at the adult detention center.

  • Housing
    • The 17-bed facility was built in 1985. Detention officers are posted inside the housing unit dayrooms, directly supervising and observing the juveniles and their daily activities. Juveniles are housed in three different units. Two units house six juveniles each and the third houses four. Two of the housing units consist of a dayroom and six single-person cells. The remaining unit is comprised of four single-person cells.
  • Population
    • In calendar year 2012, the facility averaged approximately 10 juveniles. Most of the juveniles are from Curry County, but the facility does house juveniles from other counties and governmental agencies.

Mission Statement

The Curry County Detention Center is dedicated to and will practice humane, safe, sanitary, and secure detention in a legal and constitutionally sound manner. Detainees will be properly classified, supervised, and humanely treated. Detention operations will be cost effective and accountable to our community. Detention personnel will be professional and responsive to both citizens and detainee concerns in an ethical and transparent manner. Management and staff priorities will include realistic career development, participative decision making, continuous improvement, strategic planning, employee development, and training and safety practices.